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Hi! My name is Doctor Pri,


I am the founder + CEO of From Me to Be. 


Supporting women, specifically women of color, has been a core component of my professional/personal life for over 14 years. 


My experience and passion for supporting WOC is what led me to create From Me To Be, a remote & in person life coaching program aiming to touch, move and inspire WOC to reaching heights they only ever dreamed of.


In the past 7 years I have been fortunate enough to work with at least 50 women supporting them along their journey of self-empowerment and discovery of the magic they possess within. 


I’ve intentionally created a business that works solely with and for  women of color to create a community of strong, powerful and elevate them to their highest potential.


I am committed to creating a space that speaks to women respectfully, honors women by providing them with the 1:1 attention they deserve and seeks to understand the unique needs to WOC on their ever changing journey in self-discovery.

So many women of color give of themselves endlessly and sacrifice their own dreams as a result.  I want WOC, in every phase of life, to feel supported, loved, worthy and to learn how to be led by their intuition.  My wish is that everything I create with From Me to Be helps to facilitate this.

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